Qualinet Solutions Limited (now QNS LLP), began in March of 2003. We are an IT outsourcing organisation with a strap-line which explains the principles of the company.
This translates into a team of engineers who take our clients issues personally. We are a determined group of individuals who take over customer problems and endeavour to go the distance in order to get them resolved.
We have dedicated teams of highly trained engineers in London (Islington) and Accra (Circle). Our mission is one of not simply supporting the IT infrastructure of our customers, but contributing to the success of our clients businesses. One way of achieving this is to ensure that the quality of design, implementation, management, support and maintenance of the systems are second to none.

We are a client focused organisation who seek to understand the objectives of our customers before investigating how IT can help to accomplish these goals. We then aim to build long-term partnerships in order to deliver the services the customer needs.

The QNS People - UK
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    • Robert PlartusManaging Director
    • Robert has been in the IT industry for over 15 years since completing his Business degree at Leeds University. Successfully selling hardware and software, he found a distinct lack of knowledge by the end user and moved into training to gain a feeling of worth never achieved in sales. After five years as an IT trainer for companies including Deutsche Bank, Royal London and The Department of Trade and Industry he decided to pass on these skills to the SME via QNS.
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    • Tarik BououdineTechnical Director
    • Working in IT has always been the dream career for me, since I joined U.S.T.H.B (University of Science & Technology H.B) back in 1990. I have started my career in IT from barebones, firstly by maintaining and repairing hardware components, then building computers, while I was working for Oasis Systems. Gradually I started drifting away from electronics and became more and more attached to computer systems and networks. I am very interested in researching the subjects of Operating systems architecture, distributed systems and IP security. If I am not reading an article, testing or breaking IT systems, football is where you can find me; believe you in me there’s still life in the old dog.
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    • Sena MorttyNetwork Engineer
    • After completing his LLB Law Degree at the University of London, Sena was introduced into IT by completing his MSCE. He found a real interest in working with computers and helping people.
      After working for a leading Document Management Company for 5 years where he was the Systems Administrator (looking after 200 users worldwide).
      This experience gained in dealing with a large organisation is invaluable to QNS who have great ambitions of expansion, by developing a large customer base, but still improving their services

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    • Olukayode AjayiNetwork Engineer
    • Having studied Computing at university I was very enthusiastic about joining QNS, the team of engineers working here have a wealth of knowledge and have provided me a lot of support on computing systems that I’m very grateful to have received. I’ve had the opportunity to work on systems that I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to at other companies. Our clients are from varying business backgrounds and as a result need assistance catered to their individual business needs which always keeps work interesting!
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    • Minh SyNetwork Engineer
    • My name is Minh I have always had a great passion in IT whether it’s breaking computers or fixing them. Working at QNS is great as I get to work with a company where I can learn a lot of new skills whether it’s to do with IT or to do with winning at pool! Everyday there are always new challenges to take on and skills which I can improve on. I work with great people who are funny, short and chubby, can’t pass a football and love cookies. They help me get through the challenges that I take on every day. I enjoy working for QNS and see a bright future here.
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    • Daniel ObiagoNetwork Engineer
    • My name is Daniel. At 18 years of age I started with QNS as an Apprentice learning the trade of IT support.Three years later, I’m proud to say that I am a part of a terrific team of Engineers.
      After achieving numerous NVQ and Microsoft certifications, I’m still driven to develop skills and solve issues which I have yet to come across.
      I enjoy helping all users in need with a helpful, and from what I’ve heard, charming service.As well as IT support, I enjoy fitness and food.

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    • Charles DavidMaintenance Team Manager
    • My name is Charles, I have been working at QNS since 2007 maintaining our clients systems….and I also help people get into IT via our placement program. I enjoy the challenges we get, as they can vary day to day….This leads to learning new skills or improving upon existing ones. Regardless of the problems we face, we will continue to provide IT solutions to all our clients and whoever may need our help.
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    • Steivan De SousaTrainee Engineer
    • I initially completed a BSc in Genetics – Biology, and have recently become involved in IT. I have spent most of my life involved with computers having spent much time in building PCs which has led to my involvement in IT. After spending ten months in a placement role learning the ropes in an IT work setting, I have begun working towards an MCSA qualification.
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    • Tanjida AhmmedDirector
    • I am a Master graduate in Computer Science. After completing my master’s degree, I enrolled in an IT professional programme to gain more industrial recognised qualifications. I joined QNS as Trainee IT support Engineer, since which time, I have grown in confidence and technical ability greatly. I possess strong interpersonal skills and can understand and empathise with the needs of others. These are very useful skills to have in an IT support role. All the team members here at QNS, have been supportive and helpful in my development as an IT engineer. I enjoy building PCs, installing and configuring computer Network’s hardware as well as software. I also used to implement websites using PHP, SQL and Java-script. I have recently completed my Microsoft MCSE Qualifications and I am currently half way through my Cisco CCNA.

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    • Agbeko (Bex) MorttyDirector
    • I’ve been in IT since 1999 providing solutions and support to all kinds of clients. This kind of work eventually enters your bloodstream I think. It has now become hard to not to try and open a ticket for even minor problems in totally unrelated parts of my life. For some reason we have decided to open up this same operation in Ghana too, now that opens a whole load of potential tickets in variety of situations. Well we are continuing to provide solutions and resolutions in a personal way to a wider audience.