What would your company do if it lost all of its data? E-mails, company accounts, databases….

Partnering with two of the best online back solution providers in the country we now offer advanced back up services. These alliances allow us to provide a secure and cost effective alternative to traditional, less reliable backup solutions.

After your initial backup our software takes only the changes to your files therefore keeping backup times short and bandwidth requirements low. Your backups can be scheduled to run whenever and as regularly as you wish without any human interaction.

Our datacentres are all cold war era ex-nuclear bunkers, which are state-of-the-art installations. They are purpose built with security in mind and originally constructed as an integral part of the UK’s strategic communications network. Our primary bunker is situated on 18 acres of land and surrounded by concertina wiring in Kent. It is an impregnable fortress, sitting 30 metres below ground with concrete walls three metres thick and steel doors weighing over two tons which protect the server and digital storage units within.

Layered on top of this physical inaccessibility is a 24-hour watch with guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls that offer the ultimate in protection from a myriad of attacks. Attacks that may include crackers, terrorist attacks, electro-magnetic pulse, electronic eavesdropping, HERF weapons and solar flares.

With average compression rates of 75%, all you pay for is the data held on our servers. For a FREE 15 day trial please contact backup@qns.it