When a new network is to be designed and installed, the process requires the involvement of a number of companies and personalities. This tends to be a job in itself to co-ordinate by the client. Such suppliers will also ask for certain technical information that may require research or follow ups. At QNS we have conducted numerous installations and office moves and have built up alliances with several top level providers in this area. This enables us to achieve smooth and timely office IT set-ups.

Some of the questions to be considered are:
  • Is the office space adequately cabled?
  • Who is the ISP and how do we send and receive e-mail?
  • How many users and workstations do we have/need? Do we anticipate growth in the future?
  • How long can we afford to be offline? When do we expect to be operational?
  • What equipment do we already have and how can it be integrated into the new setup?
  • Are we protecting our data?
  • How are we storing/backing up our data?

We will ask the right questions in order to get the appropriate information needed to get you at your desks and working, on time.